Do It For Yourself

by Scenic Underground

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Are you waiting for the day you fall onto your knees, and ask him to stay? Can we try to realize the games he plays; it's all the same? You gave up something that you wanted, every day feels like a compromise Every time you waited for the truth to come from all the lies Chorus Take me and I'll show you all the ways I've found To never let this world beat you to the ground Maybe I just found the silence in the sound Times I've given everything I ever had to be where I stand And times I've tried to give up everything to be another man Let me take you to a place you've never been before All the times we never see the world around...
“You've gotta leave right now cause Any second now he's gonna walk through that door” She waited then she walked but the very next thing She was crying down on the floor Not knowing what to say, he lit a cigarette And he thought, “What the hell was that for?” Time makes another day but everybody knows You can never have what you gave up before Chorus Hold on, summertime, please don't leave me on an empty stage Curtains coming down, it's coming down, down, down Leave me, summertime, I've seen everything I need to see But I keep on coming for more The key turned, and then he walked in Everybody saw, everybody knew how far this had gone He looked around, and then said, “So this is how it ends.” Well the same day passes in another way Can you feel it? Oh, the sting! It ties you up and leaves you all alone When you've only got one string
You took the sting right out of loving you Even though I could never leave you Thinking hard before your getaway Well, I'll be anywhere you need me to be All the ways you make me feel alive All day I never seem to wake up All the ways you make me live a lie I'll be anyone you need me to be Chorus I might be wasting my time I might be wasting my time on you in a dream Seven days at a time, seems like it's all in my mind I knew reasons why I could never leave you They taught me how to never take a fall But how could I ever learn to stand up? Waiting time and love just pass away Well I'll be anywhere you need me to be
The Maker 03:24
I've got the signs to take me to my destination But all I see is the same I walk the tightrope just to ease my desperation I look down and I see you again That girls the maker of my fading reputation She made me see the world inside my mind And I'm not falling in a sea of imagination I'm just falling for you I just fall for you She's got the fire and I'm still waiting on the sunrise The sky's a daze and the world is mine And I'm not falling in a sea of imagination I'm just falling for you Lay me down, I'm still waiting on the sunrise Lay me down, right by you Lay me down, I'm still waiting on the sunrise


Los Angeles based indie-rock band, Scenic Underground, is proud to release their debut album, "Do It For Yourself."


released April 17, 2017

Scenic Underground is...
Joel Herr: Guitars and Lead Vocals
Alfredo 'Alfi' Lucero Canaan: Bass
Theron Lynott: Drums

Music: Scenic Underground
Words: Joel Herr
Produced by AJ Oliveira & Joel Herr

Recorded and mixed by AJ Oliveira at LA Lounge Studios, North Hills, CA
Mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Backing vocals, various keyboards, additional guitars and percussion by AJ Oliveira.

Artwork concept by Danny Greenhalgh and Joel Herr
Photography by Erin Barr
Artwork & Layout design by Danny Greenhalgh


all rights reserved



Scenic Underground Los Angeles, California

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